Nepal Mountain Bike Tour

Annapurna Circuit by Mountain bike – 19 Days
(ETNNP015)  Kathmandu-Nagarkot-Annapurna Circuit-Thorung La Pass (5416m)-Jomsom-Pokhara

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US$ 1330p.p.
    Price Notes:
  • Based on double occupancy;
  • 3-star accommodation level in low season;
  • International airfare is not included;
  • Price is subject to change according to group size and payment methods;
Tour Type:

Join-in small group with fixed departure

Group Size:

around 35;

Trip Level:

Strenuous: suitable for adventures and individual with physically fit and healthy.

    Trip Level Guide:
  • Easy - suitable for all level of fitness, family with kids and senior groups.
  • Moderate - suitable for those having average level for fitness, family with kids bigger than 12 years.
  • Moderate to Strenous - suitable for those physically fit and have experiences of high altitude trekking.
  • Strenuous: suitable for adventures and individual with physically fit and healthy.




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Annapurna Circuit (Highest altitude Thorung-La Pass-5416 m), is most probable the World’s toughest mountain bike tour. It starts at Besisahar (760 m) which is 176 km, 5 hrs drive from Kathmandu.

Annapurna Circuit goes through Chame (2710 m), Pisand (3300 m) and Manang (3500 m). At Manang we stay for 2 nights to acclimatize. Then again further continue to Yak Kharka (4090 m), Thorung Phedi (4441 m) and finally cross via Thorung-La Pass (5416 m) to reach Muktinath.

This mountain bike tour suitable only for individuals who are physically fit and healthy and have the experience of some similar adventures. Personal insurance covering the medicine, emergency rescue from high altitude is a must.

At a Glance

Day 1 Arrive Kathmandu.
Day 2 Kathmandu Sightseeing
Day 3 Cycle to Nagarkot via Bhaktapur (38 km, 2175m)
Day 4 Cycle to Kathmandu via Sankhu (34 km, 1345m)
Day 5 Drive to Besisahar (760 m, 5 hrs drive)
Day 6 Cycle to Jagat (18 km, 1360m)
Day 7 Cycle to Tal (20 km, 1700 m)
Day 8 Cycle to Chame (21 km, 2620 m)
Day 9 Cycle to Pisang (17 km, 3230 m)
Day 10 Cycle to Manang (19 km, 3540 m)
Day 11 Rest Day & Acclimatization
Day 12 Cycle to Yak Kharka (15 km, 4010 m)
Day 13 Cycle to Thorang Phedi (12 km, 4450 m)
Day 14 Cycle to Kagbeni (22 km, 2800 m) via Thorung La Pass (5416 m)
Day 15 Cycle to Tatopani (42 km, 1190 m)
Day 16 Cycle to Beni (35 km, 830 m) and drive to Pokhara (820 m)
Day 17 Sightseeing in Pokhara
Day 18 Drive back to Kathmandu
Day 19 Final Departure

Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Kathmandu.

It is a panoramic thrill flying into Kathmandu on a clear day. The views of snow-capped mountain peaks sprawling down below you are almost ecstatic, beginning a whole chain of memorable experiences that stay with you for a long, long time. A representative and driver from our office will meet you at the airport and escort you to the Hotel. The representative will help you check into Hotel. At the hotel you will be briefed about your daily activities.

Welcome drinks will be served and room key will be handed over.

Check in and Overnight at Hotel.


Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing

After breakfast, we host a pre-trip meeting at your hotel in Kathmandu and introduce your biking leader/guide. Please seek this opportunity to ask questions about your trip. This includes a final briefing and preparations for the trip, including sorting out bikes and equipment. For the meeting, please make sure you bring:

– Passport
– Four copies of passport size photos
– Travel insurance policy
– A pen and a notepad to take notes

After the pre-trip meeting, your sightseeing trip will start, you will have a private vehicle and a professional tour guide at your disposal.

PASHUPATINATH: Pashupati Temple stands in the center of the town of Deopatan, in the middle of an open courtyard. It is a square, two-tiered pagoda temple built on a single-tier plinth, and it stands 23.6 meters above the ground. Richly ornamented gilt and silver-plated doors are on all sides.

On both sides of each door are niches of various sizes containing gold-painted images of guardian deities. Inside the temple itself is a narrow ambulatory around the sanctum. The sanctum contains a one-meter high linga with four faces (chaturmukha) representing Pashupati, as well as images of Vishnu, Surya, Devi and Ganesh.

The priests of Pashaputinath are called Bhattas and the chief priest is called Mool Bhatt or Raval. The chief priest is answerable only to the King of Nepal and reports to him on temple matters on a periodic basis.

The struts under the roofs, dating from the late 17th century, are decorated with wood carvings of members of Shiva’s family such as Parvati, Ganesh, Kumar or the Yoginis, as well as Hanuman, Rama, Sita, Lakshman and other gods and goddesses from the Ramayana.

Pashaputi Temple’s extensive grounds include many other old and important temples, shrines and statues. South of the temple, for instance, is Chadeshvar, an inscribed Licchavi linga from the 7th century, and north of the temple is a 9th-century temple of Brahma. On the south side of Pashupati temple is the Dharmashila, a stone where sacred oaths are taken, and pillars with statues of various Shah Kings.

The Bagmati River, which runs next to Pashaputinath Temple, has highly sacred properties. Thus the banks are lined with many ghats (bathing spots) for use by pilgrims. Renovating or furnishing these sites has always been regarded as meritorious.

Arya Ghat
, dating from the early 1900s, is of special importance because it is the only place where lustral water for Pashupatinath Temple can be obtained and it is where members of the royal family are cremated. The main cremation site is Bhasmeshvar Ghat, which is the most-used cremation site in the Kathmandu Valley. The preferred bathing spot for women is the Gauri Ghat, to the north.

SWAYAMBHUNATH: Said to be around 2000 years old, this Buddhist Stupa sits atop a hill. The main stupa is composed of a solid hemisphere of brick and earth supporting a lofty conical spire crowned by a pinnacle of Copper gilt. Painted on the four sided base of the spire are the all seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. The hill of Swayambhunath is a mosaic of small Chaityas and Pagoda temples. You’ll get a scenic view of Kathmandu city from there.

KATHMANDU CITY: Kasthamandap, the source of the name Kathmandu means ‘made from the timber of a single tree’. Also known as Kantipur, the capital Kathmandu is the hub of Nepal’s art and culture. It is a place for rest, relaxation and easy-day sightseeing of historic and artistic temples and monuments.  Kathmandu Durbar Square with its arrays of temples, Seto Machhindranath and the ancient palace of the former Nepali Royals enriches your experience of the centuries old civilisation.

Overnight at Hotel.

Day 3: Cycle to Nagarkot via Bhaktapur (38 km, 2175m)

After breakfast at the hotel, check the bikes and equipments, after which we ride due east to the medieval town of Bhaktapur, an ancient city full of Newari culture. There are many temples and squares here that we will have time to explore.

BHAKTAPUR CITY: Also known as city of devotees, Bhaktapur is the home of medieval art and architecture. Lying 14 kilometres/9 miles east of Kathmandu City, this place was founded in the 9th Century and is shaped like a conch shell. The city is at the height of 4,600 ft. above sea level. In Bhadgaon, you will visit the Durbar Square with the Palace of 55 windows built by King Bhupatindra Malla. The famous five-storied Nyatapol temple on the terraces of which stands a pair of figures – two goddesses, two strong men, two elephants, two lions and two griffins is the tallest temple in the valley and was also built by King Bhupatindra Malla. It is one of the best examples of Pagoda styled temples.

From here we head north-east to the beautiful Nagarkot hilltop on an excellent and quiet tarmac road. Nagarkot is the best destination to acclimatize and warm up before the Tibet tour.

NAGARKOT: Nagarkot is a village located about 32 kilometres east of Kathmandu on the north-eastern rim at an elevation close to 6,800 feet above sea level. Nagarkot is famous as one of the most scenic spots in the region, renowned for its sunrise and sunset views of the Himalayas. Visitors often travel to Nagarkot from Kathmandu to spend the night so that they can be there for the breathtaking sunrise view. It also offers an excellent view of the Indrawati river valley to the east. With a panoramic view of the Valley, it is described by visitors as a place whose beauty endures year round. If luck favours, you can even spot Mount Everest out with its snow-topped peaks on a very clear day from an observation tower at the very top of the village’s hills.

Overnight at Hotel.

Day 4: Cycle to Kathmandu via Sankhu (34 km, 1345m)

We descent on Jeep tracks through the ancient village of Sankhu where we will have lunch and then ride back to Thamel, Kathmandu. We lose elevation on the downhill tracks, which at some points require technical skills. You will find yourself amidst massive stretches of farms. In fact, a considerable amount of rice and vegetables supplied to Kathmandu comes from Sankhu.

Overnight at Hotel

Day 5: Drive to Besisahar (760 m, 5 hrs drive)

Early in the morning we set off to Besi Sahar, which is the starting point of our biking trip. We prepare for the tour, arrange porters, equipments, and so on. Optional warm-up ride in Besi Sahar.

 Overnight at Guest House.

Day 6: Cycle to Jagat (18 km, 1360m)

The trail soon turns to rough jeep track, and follows the course of the Marshyangdi River along the right side of the valley. We ascend steeply, gaining 800m in elevation. The first day is the perfect prelude to more thrilling riding in the days to follow.

Overnight at Guest House.

Day 7: Cycle to Tal (20 km, 1700 m)

After some 7km the jeep track runs out and whence it is 11km of mainly push and carrying the bike up the steep rocky trails with a final 1km descent into the flat valley surrounding Tal. We are welcomed by marvellous sites and the remoteness of the region.

Overnight at Guest House.


Day 8: Cycle to Chame (21 km, 2620 m)

Leaving Tal, there is a mani wall (dry stone wall inlaid with Buddhist prayer slates) in the middle of the path. These should always be passed on the left going clockwise. After going through green corn, barley and potatoes field, the valley becomes narrow again. From Tal to Danaqu it will involve a large percent of push / carry with a very steep hard climb out of Danaqu. From here though it becomes more ride able with closer views of snow-capped peaks and a wide flowing trail to the finish. After a hard day’s work to reach Chame, bikers can relax by the hot spring on the other side of the Marshyangdi River, enjoy baked bakery product, or even e-mail home from an internet café.

Overnight at Guest House.


Day 9: Cycle to Pisang (17 km, 3230 m)

Ascend through pine forests as the trail open into a fertile agricultural valley. Rice fields and cow pastures mark a rather more hospitable stretch of terrain. The dirt trail leads you through villages and settlements, and you get the opportunity to meet with friendly locals and snotty children.

Overnight at Guest House.


Day 10: Cycle to Manang (19 km, 3540 m)

The route goes through a dense forest in a steep, narrow valley and crosses the river via two bridges, one at 2910m and the other at 3,030m. The trail continues along the river to Pisang, where the altitude is enough to bring on the first symptoms of altitude sickness or AMS. From Pisang, the route follows through a wide valley that opens up ahead of us. Bikers will pass through Humde (the highest commercial airport in the world) and Braga with its monastery rooted in Tibetan religion.

Overnight at Guest House.

Day 11: Rest Day & Acclimatization

It is necessary to spend a rest day here to acclimatize. Ascending too rapidly could have potentially fatal consequences. There are many short excursions possible from Manang and remaining active is encouraged to aid acclimatization.

Overnight at Guest House.


Day 12: Cycle to Yak Kharka (15 km, 4010 m)

Today we leave Manang through narrow, medieval-looking streets and then climb steadily up to Khusang. Although the trail is more rideable above Khusang (3900m), the altitude now takes effect and pedalling becomes a very hard work. It is advised to go slowly enjoying the scenery and culture of this region.

Overnight at Guest House.


Day 13: Cycle to Thorang Phedi (12 km, 4450 m)

We continue to ascend to higher altitude, and thus make our ride more strenuous as we reach Thorung Phedi. It is important to remain physically and mentally prepared for the highest climb of the following day. Take it easy and enjoy the scenery as we forsake distance for altitude. The scenery of the mighty hills surrounding you is sure to impress.

Overnight at Guest House.

Day 14: Cycle to Kagbeni (22 km, 2800 m) via Thorung La Pass (5416 m)

At 0400 hours start is necessary to cross the Thorong-La Pass: The trail can get windy later making it difficult to cross the pass. It will take approximately 4 hours to reach the top (approx 3km) and will be 100% carry for bikers. The effects of altitude can now be fully felt. Once at the top, the trail descends rapidly on a very steep slope (technical riding) for approximately 45 minutes to Muktinath (3800m) and then on a less extreme gradient on fast, wide flowing trails to the valley floor, where we will be greeted by the medieval village of Kagbeni, last stop before entering Mustang.

Overnight at Guest House.

Day 15: Cycle to Tatopani (42 km, 1190 m)

Today we will descend from snow capped peaks to tropical lowlands. Leaving Kagbeni the trail follows a wide and flat river bed leading into the cobbled streets of Jomsom, with its bustling markets and airport. The trail then follows rough and rocky jeep tracks, descending through villages such as Marpha, and Khopang.

Overnight at Guest House.


Day 16: Cycle to Beni (35 km, 830 m) and drive to Pokhara (820 m)

As we descend the temperature increases and the trail becomes less rocky. From Beni the final 15km is a long an undulating track that follows the course of the river and passes through paddy fields, lined with banana plants. Once at Khaniya Ghat we will rejoin the paved road, where our vehicle will be waiting for us to transfer to Pokhara (2 hours).

Pokhara is a remarkable place of natural beauty.  At an elevation lower than that of Kathmandu, it has much more tropical feel to it; a fact well appreciated by the beautiful diverse flowers that prosper in this environment. The enchanting city with a population of around 95,000 has several beautiful lakes and offers stunning panaromic views of Himalayan peaks. The valleys surrounding Pokhara is home to thick forest, gushing rivers, emerald lakes and of course, the views of world famous Himalayas. The serenity of the lakes and the magnificence of the Himalayas rising behind them create an ambience of peace and magic.

Pokhara is the most popular destination for visitors to Nepal. The city is also known as the center of adventure. There is little in its past by way of neither history nor culture impact and the only important role that the old Pokhara played was that it was along the route of trade between India and Tibet. Today it is one of the fastest developing cities of Nepal, mainly due to tourism.

The natural beauty of its lakeside location and its proximity to the mountains has made it the natural choice for trekkers and adventures. Pokhara is also the base for some of most famous trekking circuits of Nepal. By itself surrounding area provides ample scope for short walk and day trips, suitable for children or weary trekkers, which can be made around the valley.

Evening: Final celebration to your Mountain bike guide at the local restaurant.

Overnight at Hotel.

Day 17: Sightseeing in Pokhara

After breakfast at the hotel commence the sightseeing tour of Pokhara city which includes..

BINDABASINI TEMPLE: Bindhyabasini Mandir is of great religious importance to Hindus living in the Pokhara region. It is a vital hub of religious fervour. The temple itself is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga, who is Pokhara’s chosen guardian deity. Durga, also known as Shakti or Kali has numerous manifestations and at the Bindabasini temple she is seen as Bhagwati, a blood-thirsty aspect of the goddess. Durga appears in the form of a Saligram. A Saligram, according to Hindu mythology is a propitious stone. It is said that the temple was created after the goddess ordered king Khadag Bum Malla to set up her statue here. The Bindabasini temple was then founded in BS 1845. Since its establishment, Bhagwati has been an object of worship here on a daily basis. Animal sacrifices are typically presented at the temple on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The Hindu festival of Dashain sees large numbers of believers coming to offer sacrifices at Binhyabasini Mandir. Indeed, there is little space for tourist during the festival of Dashain.

GUPTESWAR GUPHA: is a natural site located just outside the Pokhara Airport. It is a perfect destination for a day trip to explore its historical and religious importance. It is very significant and sacred Hindu site as Lord Shiva’s shrine was discovered in the cave. Clicking photographs of the cave and the shrine is not permitted. The shrine is still in the same condition as when discovered earlier. The name of the cave is also derived from this shrine. One need to climb a thousand stairs to reach the shrine so it is advised to wear comfortable shoes while visiting. During the visit to Gupteswar Gupha, there are amazing views of forests of Champaka and Sal trees. The cave is divided into two parts with the entrance of 2 m in height and about 3 m wide. First cave has few hall rooms with many passage ways. Some passage ways are very small so one need to crawl to explore through them. It is believed that Gupteswar Gupha’s shrine has healing powers. Many worshippers came here every year to get relieved from illness and bad health.

DEVI’S FALL: Locally known as Patale Chhango (Hell’s fall), Devi’s fall is an amazing waterfall lying about 2 km south-west of Pokhara airport on the highway to Tansen. It was named after Devi, a Swiss lady who was swept away when the floodgates were accidently opened, never to be seen again.

PM: Free to walk around Lakeside.

Overnight at Hotel.

Day 18: Drive back to Kathmandu

After breakfast at the hotel we drive back to Kathmandu will take [210km] 5-6 hours under normal road conditioned.

A pleasant stroll and a last-minute shopping at Thamel.

Evening: Farewell dinner in a typical Nepali restaurant with cultural performances (dancing and singing with costumes) tonight to celebrate our hard work and achievement in the biking trip.

Overnight at Hotel.

Day 19: Final Departure

Breakfast at the hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel drive Airport for final departure.

We ensure that you will leave Kathmandu with cherishing memory and an experience of a lifetime. Our representative from our office will drive you to the airport in time for your flight back home.

Tour Cost & Schedule in 2023 & 2024

Class/Price for Per Person Mar-May Jun-Aug Sep-Nov Dec-Feb
Based on 5 Star Hotels (Luxury Class) US$ 3800 US$ 3800 US$ 3800 US$ 3800
Based on 4 Star Hotels (Deluxe Class) US$ 1900 US$ 1900 US$ 1900 US$ 1900
Based on 3 Star Hotels (Standard Class) US$ 1710 US$ 1710 US$ 1710 US$ 1710
Based on 2 Star Hotels (Economy Class) US$ 1330 US$ 1330 US$ 1330 US$ 1330
Guest House/Hostel Accommodation (Budget Class) US$ 1200 US$ 1200 US$ 1200 US$ 1200
Starting Date Price From Book Now
03/03/2023 US$ 1330
17/03/2023 US$ 1330
31/03/2023 US$ 1330
14/04/2023 US$ 1330
28/04/2023 US$ 1330
12/05/2023 US$ 1330
26/05/2023 US$ 1330
09/06/2023 US$ 1330
23/06/2023 US$ 1330
07/07/2023 US$ 1330
21/07/2023 US$ 1330
04/08/2023 US$ 1330
18/08/2023 US$ 1330
01/09/2023 US$ 1330
15/09/2023 US$ 1330
29/09/2023 US$ 1330
13/10/2023 US$ 1330
27/10/2023 US$ 1330
10/11/2023 US$ 1330
24/11/2023 US$ 1330
08/12/2023 US$ 1330
22/12/2023 US$ 1330
05/01/2024 US$ 1330

Service Includes:

  • Meet, assist and necessary airport transfers by our office representative
  • Traditional welcome by using Garland or Khada
  • Welcome drinks upon arrival at Hotel (Non Alcoholic)
  • Cultural Show & Welcome Dinner (on Day 01) at Nepalese restaurant
  • 08 nights 09 Days Nepal tour as per above itinerary using base category hotel including breakfast
  • Local English Speaking guide for the sightseeing tour in Kathmandu & Pokhara (Different guide in different city)
  • 08 nights 09 Days Annapurna Circuit trek using local Tea Houses available en-route including all meals
  • Local English Speaking guide for the sightseeing tour in Kathmandu & Pokhara (Different guide in different city)
  • Local English Speaking Sherpa guide & Porter (02 pax=1 porter) during trekking including all their wages, fooding and lodging
  • Transfers & tours as per above itinerary by using necessary A/C Vehicle as per group size (Car-02 Seater, Mitsubishi Van-04 Seater, Jumbo Hiace-11 Seater, Toyota Coaster-18 Seater & Sutlej Bus-35 Seater)
  • Airfare for Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu sector including necessary fuel surcharge
  • Entrance fees to the monuments (One time visit)
  • Necessary trekking permits fees (National Park Permit-ACAP & Trekker’s Management System-TIMS)
  • 01 hour boating on Phewa Lake
  • Cable car tickets to visit Manokamana Devi Temple (Two way)
  • 02 Bottles of Mineral water per person per day
  • All applicable government tax, toll tax, parking etc

Service Excludes:

  • Any expenses of personal nature
  • Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic drinks
  • Video Camera Charges
  • Any travel insurance
  • International airfare and airport tax
  • Expenses occurred due to natural calamities and phenomenon
  • Any expenses occurred due to situations beyond our control
  • Tips to company representative, driver, guide, bell boy, porter
  • Anything not mentioned in itinerary and inclusions

Value Added

We are ready to welcome you with all the necessary safety measures (Post -19 Pandemic Halt). Hence we assure you of safety and security by following the optimal precautions.

Safety Assurance from Us (Tour/Trekking Operator)

  • Vehicles fully cleaned and disinfected
  • Foot bath mat available at entrance
  • Extra masks available (if required)
  • Safe distancing
  • We carry limited number of passengers
  • Our crew wear full PPE while disinfecting the vehicle
  • Temperature screening available
  • Our crew tested fit to travel
  • Sanitizers available
  • We carry additional deep wipe down cleaning of high touched areas
  • Hygiene kit available for sale
  • Our crew wear face mask and face shield

Safety Rules for Travelers (You)

  • Namaste over handshake
  • Do not travel if unwell
  • Wear face mask all the time
  • Maintain safe distancing
  • Use foot mat while boarding
  • Undertake temperature screening
  • Ventilators over air conditioning
  • Avoid unnecessary surface touching
  • Wash/Sanitize hands regularly
  • Follow sneeze etiquette
  • Follow safety instructions (from local authority)
  • Carry your personal hygiene all the time

Customer Reviews (17)

Recent Review

Fantastic Kathmandu Tour Experience

5.0 rating
2022-07-26 1:34:12

Fantastic Kathmandu Tour Experience
My partner and I had a fantastic tour experience during our 3 days in Kathmandu. Everything was taken care of from the airport pickup, centrally located hotel, driver and tour guide.
The tour was fantastic and took us to all the main sites we wanted to go to in Kathmandu, with additional flexibility to go to any places that weren’t in the original tour itinerary if you wanted.
We had a great experience with Everest Tour Nepal, everything went off without a hitch! We will definitely use them again if we find ourselves travelling in Nepal!


Nepal at its charming best

5.0 rating
2022-07-25 3:53:45

Nepal at its charming best
We visited Nepal in May 2022 and visited Kathmandu, Pokhara, Jomsom, Mukthinath, Bhaktapur and Chandragiri. All arrangements were fabulous and we were made to feel totally comfortable throughout our stay. All hotels were good, clean and customer friendly. In short, Everest Tour, our tour facilitator was outstanding in all aspects of hospitality. Kudos to them, particularly we will single out Mr Navaraj our tour guide.

Kumar S

Wow...!!! Trekking in the Himalayas

5.0 rating
2021-07-09 6:25:18

Wow…!!! Trekking in the Himalayas
It was our first time trekking in Nepal and from the very beginning everything was perfect. Instant reply with custom made package along only for us with great price and we instantly booked it. We were warmly welcomed at airport and headed to remote Rara lake. Such a serene lake and the Himalayas. Without any hesitation we recommend this company for your trekking trip in Nepal.


Nepal ?? majestic, mystical and magnificent

5.0 rating
2021-05-07 5:20:09

Nepal ??…so majestic, mystical and magnificent
My experience in Nepal was awesome. People are so friendly and courteous. It was so majestic and should definitely be on your list of travels. I’m definitely going to visit again in the future…


Personalized, tailor-made and honest ! Personnalisé, sur mesure et honnête !

5.0 rating
2021-04-24 12:05:53

Personalized, tailor-made and honest ! Personnalisé, sur mesure et honnête !
This travel & guide agency took the time to find out what I wanted and offered me a personal visit program adapted to my request. I visited the sacred places with this tourism agency. The director of the agency is a spiritual and ethical person.
I had a very competent and friendly French-speaking guide. The accompaniment was personalized, attentive and honest. I really enjoyed it. This agency even gave me contacts to continue my trip.
I advise her: do not hesitate!
Cette agence a pris le temps de savoir ce que je voulais et m’a proposé un programme de visite personnel adapté à ma demande. J’ai visité les lieux sacrés avec cette agence de tourisme. Le directeur de l’agence est une personne spirituelle et au comportement éthique.
J’ai eu une guide francophone très compétente et sympathique. L’accompagnement était personnalisé, attentif et honnête. J’ai vraiment beaucoup apprécié. Cette agence m’a même donné des contacts pour continuer mon voyage.
Je la conseille: n’hésitez pas!

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