BBC Master Chef’s team in Nepal

April 7, 2022 / by Navaraj

A team including BBC Master Chef Santosh Shah is coming to Nepal today to promote Nepal’s original food, culture, and destination. The finalists of ‘BBC Master Chef: The Professional 2020’ are being brought to Nepal at the invitation of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Nepal Chapter.

According to the PATA Nepal Chapter, the team including BBC Master Chef Santosh Shah, who will arrive in Nepal this afternoon, will be welcomed at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Chief Executive Officer of PATA Nepal Chapter, Suresh Singh Budal, said that the team including Chef Shah is invited to Nepal to participate in the promotion of original food culture and destination under the tourism revival campaign after the COVID-19 epidemic.

He expressed the belief that the initiative taken by PATA to promote the destination and original food and culture by inviting BBC Master Chef’s famous celebrity Chef to visit Nepal would be of special help in reviving post-epidemic tourism.

Officials including the CEO of PATA, representatives of various organizations in the field of tourism, Chef associations, and hospitality students are scheduled to give a grand welcome to the team including Chef Shah at the airport. It is said that the team will be welcomed with Panche Baja in the costumes reflecting the culture of Nepal.

Along with Chef Shah, Chef Alex, Chef Bart, and Chef Philip will come to Nepal and participate in tourism promotion in different places of Nepal.


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