Trekking in Nepal During Covid-19 Pandemic

February 11, 2021 / by Navaraj

After Covid-19 pandemic locked down and travel restrictions Nepal is opening up gradually. However there are many confusion among travelers with the questions in their mind like whether they can enter Nepal for tour and trekking adventures, do they need to stay in quarantine, is there still locked down etc.

Hence we have tried to answers the common questions for those who wish to go for trekking in Nepal.

General Information to enter Nepal during Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. Is there still locked down in Nepal?  No
  2. Are the businesses, hotels, restaurants open now?  Yes
  3. Are tourists allowed to enter Nepal now? Yes, but only by obtaining pre-VISA from diplomatic missions abroad or special visa recommendation following specific requirements. Please contact us for more details
  4. Is local transportation running without any restrictions? Yes
  5. Is regular commercial flight to Nepal in operation? Yes (However please check the local regulations of country of origin, transit restrictions & flights availability)

Covid-19 Testing

  1. Do you need to have PCR report to enter Nepal? Yes, obtained within 72 hours before travel from the country of origin. Children under 5 years old are exempt from this requirement
  2. Do we need to stay in quarantine after entering to Nepal? No
  3. Do we need any Covid-19 related insurance? No


  1. Is Covid-19 vaccine available in Nepal? Yes, Nepal government has approved the Covid-19 vaccine made by Astra Zeneca, India

Strict Restrictions

  1. Travelers originating and/or transit via United Kingdom shall be prohibited from entering.
  2. Land entry/exist has been temporarily halted

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