What Amaze You To Travel To Nepal?

November 18, 2019 / by Navaraj

Nepal is an small country (147181 sq km) sandwiched between Asian giants China & India. However it has included many things in it to amaze you. Below are some of the amazing facts about Nepal.

1. Nepal has been rated as the second ultimate destination, first being the New Zealand.

2. Nepal covers less than 0.1% of the total land of the world but has more than 10% of the world flora and fauna.

3. Nepal is rectangular shape of 885 km long and in an average of 160 km from North to South.

4. Inspite of being small country it contains the greatest altitude variation on earth, from the low land of Terai barely 65m above sea level to the highest peak on the earth, Mt. Everest at 8848m. within 150 km arial distance. Due to this great altitude variation it is also called the steepest country in the world.

5. One third of the total length of the Himalayan range lies in Nepal and this is the highest concentration of the tallest mountains; 8 mountains among the top 10 peaks, 1300 peaks above 6000m, more than 200 peaks higher than 6000m lies in an around the Mt. Everest.

6. Nepal is also known as third pole of the world.
7. World’s deepest gorge-Kali Gandaki between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna, most amazing valley like Arun and most beautiful valley like Langtang lies in Nepal.

8. Due to diverse people, their language, customs and traditions Nepal is known as melting Pot of Asia.

9. Nepal is the home of 36 different ethnic groups speaking 52 dialects.

10. Tilicho Lake at 5099m is the lake situated at highest elevation on earth.

11. Arun Valley, the deepest valley in the world with most pristine biological zone lies in Nepal.

12. Out of 35 species of rhododendron found in the world, 32 species of them are found in Nepal.

13. The word Sherpa is derived from Sherva meaning the people living in the east.

14. Nepal is considered to be the best country for trekking purpose.

15. The sunrise view from Shreenagar and mountain views are spectacular.

16. Most rainy place of Nepal is Lumle, rain shadow Manang and Jomsom.

17. If all the surface area of Nepal were made flat and filled in an open space, the total area would be equal to the United States.

18. We have the highest number of birds in the world, which is equal to the whole continent of N. America or USA and Canada together; that is more than 848 species; that is 8% of the world’s birds population. Sarus Crane, the biggest flying bird in the world is available in Lumbini Garden. Rufous Piculet Woodpecker, the smallest bird found in Makalu Barun is only 10cm from pick to tail.

19. Nepal has 650 species of butterflies. We have some butterflies with their length from wing to wing about 1 ft (30cm), probably the biggest butterflies in this world.

20. Nepali wild bees are the biggest of this world.

21. Tetracentron sinensis found in the eastern hills of Nepal, especially in Makalu Barun valley, is found in Japan only in fossil form.

22. KI Sing Bridge (Mahendra Pul) is the shortest bridge of the world over such a big river.

23. Kathmandu valley has seven UNESCO world heritage sites which is more than any country to offer at a single spot within 650sq.

24. Swoyambhunath Stupa is regarded as one of the oldest stupas in the world.

25. The world’s largest Buddhist stupa Bouddhanath Stupa lies in Kathmandu, Nepal.

26. Patan city (Lalitpur) is the oldest and most beautiful medieval cities in the country of the world.

27. In Kathmandu valley there are more temples than houses, more gods and goddess than people and more festivals than days in a year.

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