About Us

About Us


We Everest Tour Nepal Treks & Expedition is very responsible towards guests satisfaction during tour and equally towards the environment we operate tours.

Travel in Nepal with Us, you’ll be in the safe hands of one of our specialists.

We feel so grateful and lucky to have such a diverse and innovative Nepalese team working with us. Their smiles are infectious, exceedingly attentive, and humorous with multi-lingual ability and unique insight into Nepalese culture and history, traveling with them will be one of your best memories in Nepal.
Navaraj Shrestha-Nepal Travel Expert
Our Senior Tour Guide -
Navaraj Shrestha
Our Senior Tour Guide -
Dharmendra Maharjan
Our Senior Tour Guide -
Sunil Maharjan
Our Senior Tour Guide -
Arun Maharjan

Our Mission

While bringing our clients the seamless travel experience to Nepal, we lay our eyes on long-term and sustainable Nepal tour development. We do it by promoting eco-travel and responsible travel in Nepal. By preferring using local service, like Nepalese staff and Nepalese restaurants and hotels, or working with local Nepalese for travel purposes, we created more than 1,200 job opportunities for locals (both directly and indirectly, till now).

“Leave only the footprint in Nepal and bring back the great memory”. In the long run, we wish more people can see the incredible beauty of Nepal and enjoy its unspoiled landscape as it was.

Navaraj Shrestha
Managing Director of Everest Tour Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

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Why Do You Prefer Everest Tour Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Not Others?

ItemsEverest Tour Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.Other Travel Agencies
Well-established Brand a. Best-known local Nepal Travel Company;
b. Local office in Kathmandu, easy one-stop service;
c. Prestigious brand promises tour quality;
d. Extensive tour resources;
e .Reliable tour service booking
No Brand and individual travel agent, tour middlemen
or small tour office with a handful of staff
Nepal Permit 100% guarantee for Nepal Permit application to our clients (for free) through years of cooperation with local Nepalese government Always not sure
Service & Travel Safety a. Never use third party contractor;
b. Quick response to your inquiry within 1-24hours;
c. 24/7 call service;
d. Designated customer service manager in Kathmandu;
e. Reliable Nepal booking, multi-lingual & seasoned Nepalese guide;
f. Multiple fixed small group departure per week;
g. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber at EBC, Mt.Kailash;
h. Value-added service;
i. Pro team for diverse private tours like trekking, cycling, motorbike, mediation, photography, self-drive, etc.
a. Most of them are tour middlemen, who need to confirm the service with the local tour operator all the time;
b. Unreliable and time-consuming
a. Full-fledged system for tour quality control and Nepalese guide training;
b. Systematic working guideline for emergency incidents;
c. Travel insurance included;
d. Keep improving current tour itineraries and hotel choice and detailed tour services through the latest client’s reviews
Most of them are devoid of such practice and system, potentially putting tourist at risk
Competitive Price a. Never allure tourists with cheap price;
b. Never go for a price war at the expense of client’s comfort and safety;
c. Constantly strive for better tour experience;
d. Depend on the large number of tours and tourists to bring down the cost of tour running
Seemingly cheap, yet with hidden cost and potential violation of tour contract
Eco & Responsible Travel a. Focus on long-term and sustainable Nepal tour development;
b. Being a staunch supporter of eco-travel and responsible travel in Nepal;
c. Prefer using local Nepal service;
d. Love joining in charity activities; leave only the footprint in Nepal
Profits come first
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