Best Time to Travel to Nepal: The Ultimate guide about when to travel to Nepal

November 18, 2019 / by Navaraj

Generally, whoever thinks of travelling to certain destination, there is always a question in mind. What would be the best time to travel there. But you might be surprised to hear that Nepal is all time destination. Yes, you are welcome to Nepal all the year round.

Although seasons in Nepal is divided into four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter overall country enjoys pleasant weather and every season has some reasons to travel this beautiful country.

Let’s look at what are those attractions

Spring (March-May)-Pre-Monsoon: This is the time when the weather is warm, various types of flowers blooming including Rhododendron (National flower) and other wild flowers. This is the best time for trekking in Nepal since the high hills are covered with various types of flowers and the high passes are snow free to cross.

Summer (June-August)- Monsoon Season: This is the time when Nepal receives it’s monsoon rain. The days are hot and wet with occasional rain. However the vegetation gets green. Most people becomes busy in rice plantation, where visitors also can participate for experience, which is the great attraction for visitors. For nature lovers this is the best season since there will be greenery everywhere and insects become active.

Autumn (September-November)-Post Monsoon: This is another best season to travel to Nepal since the  weather becomes cool and mountain views are superb. This is also the time when Nepal get’s highest number of tourists. Most of the festival falls in this time so visitors can enjoy the local culture, taste food etc.

Winter (December-February)- This is the time when Nepal feels its cool winter. Days becomes warm when sunny and morning and evening gets cool. However the mountain views are superb. High altitudes mountain region get’s snowfall.

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